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Craft Beer Week

Consider this post a reminder to some of you and new information to others. Next week is Craft Beer Week! It’s a whole week dedicated to craft beer brewers and consumers. On April 22 of this year, the U.S. Congress … Continue reading

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Beer Rating/Scoring

Well, after about 3.5 months of making beer posts, I’m happy to say that it’s still a lot of fun for me. And in the process, I’ve done 17 beer sessions so far. Today, I wanted to talk about why … Continue reading

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Coborn’s Beer Tasting – May 22nd

I’m happy to announce my second beer tasting as an employee of Coborn’s Liquor. I will be pouring some tasty samples on Saturday, May 22nd from 3 – 7 pm. There will be some spring/summer seasonals, along with some other … Continue reading

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New Belgium Beer Dinner on May 19th

I stopped in to the Hastings Green Mill last night to get 2 orders of their Pasta Pavarotti to help my wife and myself celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. While I was waiting for our food, I noticed a sign … Continue reading

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Schell’s Stag Series

It’s becoming popular for breweries in our region to release a line of innovative and experimental limited edition beers. Tyranena has Brewers Gone Wild, New Glarus has Unplugged, and Summit has the somewhat new Unchained Series. I’m a big fan … Continue reading

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Current Seasonals at Great Waters

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my favorite brewpub, so I thought it would be a good time to update all of you about Great Waters current seasonal brews. They have 4 available right now along with most of … Continue reading

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Style Breakdown – Saison/Belgian Farmhouse

The Saison/Belgian Farmhouse style is probably my favorite style of beer. That’s of course only if I was forced into a corner with a gun up to my head and told I absolutely, positively could only choose 1 favorite style … Continue reading

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Yet another brewery starting MN distribution

Wow. As Minnesota craft beer drinkers, we have to be happy about all the new beers we have the opportunity to try lately. It seems like every time I turn around, we’re getting some new brews. This week, yet another … Continue reading

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Brau Brothers Rainwater Oak-Aged Stout

Brau Brothers Brewing is located in the small town of Lucan in southwestern Minnesota. Their logo even lists the population of Lucan so you know how small it is: 220. They seem to be proud of their city and they … Continue reading

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