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Brau Brothers Elisha’s Olde Ale

Brau Brothers Brewing held a competition in 2009 called the South Dakota Homebrewers Challenge. I know you’re probably wondering why a Minnesota brewery was having a South Dakota homebrew contest. Well, all I can tell you is that Lucan (where … Continue reading

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Style Breakdown – Altbier

If I asked the average beer enthusiast to name a German style of beer, what do you think they would say? Bock? Hefeweizen? Oktoberfest? Those are all correct answers, and are very well-known styles. What if I asked what the … Continue reading

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Next Summit Unchained is approaching…

Summit has created some very special beers in the past year with the Unchained Series. The Kolsch, 90/- Scottish Ale, and IRA were all very tasty. Now, the brewery has officially announced that the 4th batch in the series will … Continue reading

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Avery Mephistopheles’ Stout

Yesterday, I was reading an interesting article about extreme beers and the battle for the world-record highest alcohol brew. That got me thinking about a beer that I had sitting in the back of my fridge, waiting for a session. … Continue reading

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Skip and Go Naked

You know it’s summertime when my favorite brewpub has released their Skip and Go Naked Ale. It’s a light and refreshing beer brewed specifically for the warmer months. Here is Great Waters’ own description of their summer seasonal: “A light … Continue reading

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Bell’s Oberon Ale

I really look forward to the changing of the seasons. In Minnesota, we’re lucky enough to have all 4 seasons be very distinct and unique. I personally believe that helps to enhance my appreciation for each change in climate. You … Continue reading

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Fulton Lonely Blonde

More good news for Minnesota craft beer lovers! Fulton Beer, one of our newest Minnesota breweries, is releasing their next beer tomorrow, June 3rd. I received an email from the brewery today announcing the release party. The event will take … Continue reading

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Refreshing beer

This past Memorial weekend, I was not one of the many people that went on vacation, whether it be camping, visiting relatives, staying at a lake resort, etc. No, I was one of the few who volunteered to help my … Continue reading

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