Finnegans Pint-a-thon!

Carl from Finnegans recently sent me an email about their annual Pint-a-thon:

FINNEGANS is the only beer company in the world that donates 100 percent of its profits to charity and is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a month-long “Pint-A-Thon.”

What is a Pint-A-Thon? It’s FINNEGANS’ challenge to the ambitious do-gooders of Minnesota to walk, jog, skip, saunter, or otherwise travel to their favorite FINNEGANS-friendly pubs, restaurants and liquor stores during the month of March, all in support of the Emergency Foodshelf Network, FINNEGANS’ charity of choice in Minnesota for 2011.

Participating in this year’s Pint-A-Thon is easy. Here’s how:

  • Purchase a Pint-A-Thon Training Kit, complete with limited edition T-shirt, headband, wristbands, water bottle, race number and temporary shamrock tattoos.
  • Attend or plan a pub crawl in your neighborhood sporting your new FINNEGANS gear. Pint-A-Thoners can participate anywhere FINNEGANS Irish Amber is sold.
  • Submit a photo to of you and your merry band of lads and lasses, including the name of the FINNEGANS-friendly pub you visited, and you will be entered to win a five-day trip to Ireland. To avoid Irish guilt, please, only one entry per person, per day.

Rather than spreading donations across multiple causes as FINNEGANS has successfully done in the past (to the tune of over $168,000 since 2003), they have created the new Priority Partner Program to focus giving efforts on one critical community issue per year. This year, hunger is the issue of choice.

Want to track how much good you’re doing? Participants can gauge their Pint-A-Thon results using this bit of Irish ingenuity:

  • One six pack/pitcher = up to 1 meal
  • One 12 pack = up to 2 meals
  • One case = up to 4 meals
So celebrate this St. Patrick’s day with a good local Irish-themed beer while you support a good cause!

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