Beer Brief #26 – Barrel Aged Belgian Style Quad Ale

Brewery – Brau Brothers Brewing Company, Lucan, Minnesota

Beer – Barrel Aged Belgian Style Quad Ale

Style – Quadrupel aged in Templeton Rye Whiskey barrels

ABV – 11.5%

Color – Somewhere between brown and red with a light tan head

Aroma – Caramel, chocolate, cherries, whiskey, oaky spice, potent alcohol

Flavor – Mild cocoa, vanilla, toffee, tutti frutti bubble gum, honey, whiskey, alcohol

Verdict – Holy complex beer, Batman! But, in a totally great way. I had to sniff and sniff and sniff to pick up a different and specifically distinctive aromas each time. Then, I had to sip and sip and sip to pick out all the unique flavors. I love beers that make me work and think hard. This is a definite winner in my book!

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2 Responses to Beer Brief #26 – Barrel Aged Belgian Style Quad Ale

  1. S. L. says:

    Can one buy this stuff locally, or must they trapes down to Lucan to do so?

    • Nick Rondeau says:

      Hi S.L.

      You can definitely buy this beer in the Twin Cities. I picked mine up at Boozemart in West Saint Paul. I would check any store that has a large craft beer selection.

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