Beer Brief #30 – The Libertine

Brewery – Fulton Beer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beer – The Libertine

Style – Imperial Red Ale

ABV – 8.5%

IBUs – 45

Color – Dark red brown with a light tan head

Aroma – Brown sugar, cotton candy, toast, touch of herbal spice, hint of alcohol

Flavor – Caramel, sourdough bread, raisins, figs, pepper, moderate bitterness

Verdict – Sweet malts and a bit of fruit are balanced well by the bitter finish. After trying this for the first time, it has to be one of my 2 favorites from Fulton (Worthy Adversary is the other). C’mon, why should I have to choose just one, right?

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2 Responses to Beer Brief #30 – The Libertine

  1. jamesem says:

    Hello — Is Fulton Beer available offsale? Outside the T.C.’s? I’m up in Duluth and would love to try the Libertine (great song from Todd Rungren and Utopia, too!)

    • Nick Rondeau says:

      Hi jamesem. Fulton Beer is available offsale, but mainly in the Twin Cities area. From what I know, they don’t distribute up to Duluth at this time. They currently sell The Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine in 6-packs year round. They also recently did a small release of The Libertine in 750ml bottles. There may still be a few bottles out there, but they’ll probably be hard to find. Next time you’re down here, you should be able to find some Fulton 6-packs fairly easily.

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