Beer Brief #34 – Acerbity

Brewery – Pour Decisions Brewing Company, Roseville, Minnesota

Beer – Acerbity

Style – Berliner Weisse

ABV – 2.7%

Color – Pale yellow with an eggshell head

Aroma – Pears, lemon citrus, light toast, cranberry juice?

Flavor – Doughy bread, lemon juice, dry champagne finish, slight acidity hangs through the finish before a quick flash of the bread comes back

Verdict – Very light and highly quaffable Berliner Weisse. I enjoy that it’s not all about being sour. There is a nice sweetness in the aroma and some noticeable bready malt in the flavor. This is a tasty brew and the low alcohol means you can drink the whole 750ml bottle without worrying about getting too tipsy. Keep up the good work, Pour Decisions!

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