Beer Brief #35 – Flemish Primitive Wild Ale #3 (Surly Bird)

Brewery – De Proef Brouwerij, Lochristi, Belgium

Beer – Flemish Primitive Wild Ale #3 (Surly Bird)

Style – Belgian Strong Wild Pale Ale

ABV – 9%

Color – Light gold with a persistent white head

Aroma – Lemon, earthy spice, a bit of barnyard funk, stone fruit

Flavor – Apricot, honey, black pepper, slightly tart, definite leathery funk, bitterness starts midway through and carries through beyond the finish

Verdict – I’m really diggin’ this brew. The aromas and flavors are complex, yet blend so well together. It’s also very easy to drink, especially for a 9% beer. I’m glad I bought 2 bottles, because I’d like to see what the brett does with some age on it!

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