Beer Brief #39 – Brimstone

Brewery – Boom Island Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN

Beer – Brimstone

Style – Tripel

ABV – 9.5%

Color – Yellowish gold with a long-lasting eggshell white head

Aroma – Honey, lemongrass, peach, cotton candy, herbal spice

Flavor – Matches very well with the aroma along with a touch of bubble gum and black pepper, dry and warming alcohol presence

Verdict – I am very impressed with this tripel. I had tried Boom Island’s first 2 beers at a beer festival just after they opened a while ago and wasn’t sure about them. However, this beer is definitely a winner in my book. I believe that means I need to revisit those first two brews, as well as try their others for the first time. I really, really like this beer! Keep up the good work, Boom Island.

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