Beer Brief #41 – Ode to a Russian Shipwright (2011 Vintage)

Brewery – Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company, Rollingstone, MN

Beer – Ode to a Russian Shipwright – 2011 Vintage

Style – Imperial Stout Porter brewed with spruce tips

ABV – ??? Nothing listed, I’ve heard around 8%

Color – Opaque black, doesn’t even let any light pass through the edges, thick tan head

Aroma – Rye toast, bit of roast, hint of chocolate, acidity, pine, earthy

Flavor – Toffee, prune, coffee, slighty nutty, blueberry, lingering bitterness

Verdict – I remember enjoying this brew very much when I first tried it. Now with some age on this bottle, I think it might be even better than when it was fresh! Very good stuff!

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