Beer Brief #46 – Noir de Dottignies

Brewery – Brouwerij de Ranke, Wevelgem, West Flanders, Belgium

Beer – Noir de Dottignies

Style – Belgian Strong Dark Ale

ABV – 9%

Color – Dark brown and definite ruby when held to light with a light tan head

Aroma – Prunes, figs, berries, toffee, dark chocolate, hint of coffee

Flavor – Plums, raisins, bit of brown sugar, chocolate, dark roast coffee beans, surprising bitterness (in a good way: not overpowering, but very balancing)

Verdict – This is a very delectable strong dark ale unlike any I’ve had before from Belgium. The wonderful sweet fruit characteristics are there like I would expect, but the pleasant roastiness and balancing bitterness make this unique, I think.

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