Beer Brief #49 – High Road Everyday Ale

Brewery – Badger Hill Brewing Company, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Beer – High Road Everyday Ale

Style – Badger Hill claims this one doesn’t fall into any standard style category (we’ll find out)

ABV – 5%

IBU – 24

Color – Light golden copper with an eggshell white head

Aroma – Honey, biscuity malt, herbal spice, hay, tropical fruit, hint of sourness when agitated

Flavor – Biscuit/cracker malt, light toast, hops take over quickly and are floral, then herbal, then spicy, with a perfect bitterness to the finish

Verdict – When I poured this into the glass, it foamed like mad even though I poured carefully. That’s the one and only thing that challenged me on this brew. The aroma is very complex and pleasant, while the flavors blend together beautifully and are punctuated by the light, drinkable body and awesomely crisp finish that goads you into taking your next sip. I definitely agree that this doesn’t seem to fall neatly into a specific style category. In my mind, it’s almost like Badger Hill crossed an English bitter with a Bohemian pilsner. I really enjoyed this brew and look forward to drinking it again in the future!

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