Beer Brief #50 – Foundation Stout

Brewery – Badger Hill Brewing Company, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Beer – Foundation Stout

Style – American Stout

ABV – 6.3%

IBU – 45

Color – Black with a dark brown edge showing when held up to light, light tan head

Aroma – Light roast coffee, chocolate muffin, slight black licorice, bit of berry fruit

Flavor – Molasses, coffee, dark chocolate, very subtle blackberry, big bitterness

Verdict – This is a highly enjoyable brew that surprises with it’s drinkability. Not as rich or full bodied as one might expect from a 6.3% stout, the slight dryness and lighter mouthfeel make this beer one you could revisit a few times in a single evening. I know on one particular occasion, I did just that while enjoying a burger at Red Robin…

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