Back From Unofficial Hiatus


Has it really been 3 months since I made a post? It seems that it is so…

I dropped the ball on that one. Although, I did have a few other things contributing to my delay. Let’s see. Loss of 2 loved ones in a short time (sad), birth of a new child (happy, but hectic), and changing of employment (first scary, then exciting). Yep, a lot has happened to my family in a brief period…

As I sit here sipping on a Schell Shocked Grapefruit Radler (which I do enjoy), it’s occurring to me how much my life has flown apart in such a short time. Getting spread in so many different directions due to major events tends to do that, I guess. Along with neglecting the blog, I haven’t brewed a batch of beer in months, and I haven’t been keeping up with my Coborn’s beer tasting responsibilities.

Well, it’s time to start pulling things back together. And returning to the Lupulin Libations blog is one of the steps that will help me to accomplish that goal. I miss writing about beer. I’ve continued to stock up on local brews in my absence, and tried my best to keep up on my knowledge of our local brewing culture. So, let’s get this thing going again, shall we?

Many of you realize we’re in the middle of a major craft beer renaissance. Breweries are popping up like weeds in a garden (which are a little delayed for us this year, thanks to the Minnesota chill hanging on). Our local beer scene is no exception to that rule. Whether it’s HammerHeart Brewing with its Norway-trained head brewer or the soon to open Tin Whiskers Brewing with its 3 electrical engineer founders, we have quite a variety of fresh and interesting local beer options.

This is a great time to be a fan of quality beer, and I intend to continue my quest to learn more about our Minnesota brewers and the tasty brews they offer. With each passing week, more local zymurgic companies, products, events, and culture emerge here in Minnesota. I will do my darndest to resume my duties as a local beer advocate and blogger to make at least one blog post per week pertaining to my chosen brew-topic.

I hope you’ll all welcome me back. Let’s have a beer to celebrate!


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